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To prevent the further spread of HIV and mitigate personal, community impact of AIDS through provision of quality medical care, counseling and education to the infected and the affected; improve access to HIV treatment, care and support; and lessen the impact of HIV and AIDS, particularly among the most vulnerable and marginalized.

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-Socio-economic support and livelihood programs

-Child health and welfare

-Environmental protection and community welfare

-And more …

What’s New

St Francis is seeking your support to raise USD $6,000 to clear shipment costs for the donation of an ambulance van that we got from the HEIDI transport Aid, Japan to address the challenge of poor emergency medical response and referral pregnant mothers and Infants that we have been facing in our community. The ambulance will work to transport pregnant mothers, Children, and other patients in and out of St Francis to be able to receive the necessary life saving care and treatment.



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