Mission and Goals


A world free of HIV.


To prevent the further spread of HIV and mitigate personal, community impact of AIDS through provision of quality medical care, counseling and education to the infected and the affected and lessen the impact of HIV and AIDS, particularly among the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Our Philosophy

Living with Hope and Dignity


Build and strengthen the capacity of the community in HIV prevention and AIDS care so as to reduce the spread and reduce psycho-social effects brought by HIV/AIDS.

To reach this goal we aim:

  1. To promote behavior change (including abstinence, being faithful, safer sexual practices and knowing one’s HIV status) among the sexually active population
  2. To contribute towards the mitigation of the health effects of HIV/AIDS and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) by consolidating and scaling-up care, support and treatment services
  3. To contribute to the mitigation of the social and economic effects of HIV/AIDS at individual, household and community level by providing support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA)and orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs)
  4. To strengthen St Francis Health Care Services by
    • Carrying out effective monitoring and evaluation
    • Ensuring quality improvement of holistic care services
    • Ensuring effective data management
    • Streamlining reporting systems and information dissemination for advocacy and networking
    • Building staff capacity  in the provision of services


  • The lives of all human beings are of equal value. A person’s vulnerability to HIV is increased by unequal power relations arising from economic poverty and social marginalization. Gender, religion, class, race, ethnicity, age, disability, drug use and sex work are all potential factors shaping unequal power relations, human rights abuses, and vulnerability.
  • Everyone has the right to access the HIV information and services they need.People have the right to full and accurate information as well as to comprehensive HIV prevention programs.
  • Everyone has the right to access HIV care and treatment, and appropriate health and social services. This includes HIV treatment and palliative care for those with AIDS-defining illnesses.
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