Out puts to date (2015)

  • 12,127 people diagnosed with HIV (Clients) are registered and receiving Medical and Counseling services both at the Centre and home.
  • 12, 0115 people have sought voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) since November 2001 (when we started keeping track).
  • 3,567 non-HIV patients are using St. Francis Health Care Services for their medical care.
  • 90%T.B cure rate among HIV positive patients.
  • 2,400clients are accessing antiretroviral treatment (ART) at St Francis, 700 of them are Children.
  • 60 clients are involved in the music/drama group and are active in prevention music dance and drama activities.
  • 175Volunteer Community Counseling Aides trained and serving in their own communities.
  • 250teachers trained as HIV/AIDS counselors.
  • 90 AIDS coordination committees established from the sub-county to the village level
  • 1,400orphans and vulnerable children supported in school.
  • 110children in vocational training.
  • 500 Shadow Idol Club (youth group) members (~50-100in weekly attendance).
  •  60 peer educators are serving in their own community
  •  60 village health team members are actively doing health awareness and referral of people from the community.


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