Granny Support Group

The centre offers both financial and emotional support for grandparents (typically grandmothers) who are caring for AIDS orphans.

One hundred and twenty grannies have received a grant of 200,000 Uganda shillings to start viable income generating activities (IGA). Various Income activities have been initiated, including: poultry, piggery, goats raising, dairy cows, handcrafts, vegetable farming, and sewing and charcoal selling.

Grandmothers have had trainings in Village savings and Loan associations and have subsequently organized themselves in groups and started up a savings scheme. 120 grandmothers have benefited from the initial trainings.

Grandmothers support program: this is an initiative to help grandmothers/elderly women infected and affected by HIV. They receive facility based and home based clinical services, funding for 2 of their orphans in treatment, school fees and educational support. They are mobilized into groups for increased self help activities starting with savings and loans association training and facilitation.

Cooperative demonstration farm: this is one of the results of the mobilization efforts of the grandmothers. They labored to clear and set up a farm planting crops and raring various animals. This was a result of visits to demonstration farms. The technology learnt there was brought to this farm and is being used as a focal point to transfer skills to their homes and to the homes of those who did not get the opportunity to visit the commercial demonstration farms.

Peer group support initiatives (Village savings and loans associations): these initiatives are promoted not only among the elderly women but also among people having AIDS (PHAs). They are supported in the formation of peer groups and trained in saving money as a first step. This money is theirs and helps to provide capital for small IGAs and loans for their personal emergencies. Some of the groups go ahead to register in the community and are supported by government grants and community development funds.

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