Youth Programs

In addition to offering youth friendly medical care and counseling, St. Francis provides the following services specifically for children and young people

  • School Fees
  • Youth Groups: Mulengera (Shadow Idol) and Young Positives
    • Adobe Youth Voices
  • Rehabilitation Home – Omoana House

School fees program:  this is done through fundraising both by individuals and institutions. Currently, 240 children are being funded under the Stephen Lewis Foundation for primary education school fees nd provision of scholastic materials. There are other individuals sponsoring children’s education in various ways.

“Mulengera” Shadow-Idol Program: This is a child mentoring and counseling program, as well as a youth group for young people affected by HIV. The children of the PHAs come to the health facility every weekend and are provided with breakfast and lunch. They attend life skill class, get medical check-ups and treatment free of charge and have ample playing time. There are counselors stationed at the centre to do routine counseling for the children. Many initiatives have been birthed from this group of at least 70 children per weekend.

Adobe Youth Voices is working with members of Mulengera Program to create videos.  This activity teaches the youth technical skills, provides a creative outlet, and empowers them by letting their voices be heard.  Click here to see some of their videos. More are available under “Videos” on our Media page.

Young positives: this is a unique group of children amongst the Shadow Idol members who acquired HIV in their infancy or were born with HIV. They meet separately once a week to discuss and share experiences as HIV positive children growing up in a secular and diverse world.

“Omoana House” Child rehabilitation center: this is a partnership initiative with other organizations to take care of HIV positive children in stages III and IV of HIV. The children are provided with a rehab home for at least 3 months, treated free of charge, and fed with healthy nutritious food while being monitored by a nurse and counselor. They are then helped to re-integrate into their homes and societies after recuperation from gross illness.  For more information about this program visit the Omoana House Website.

Sustainable Comprehensive Responses(SCORE) for Vulnerable Children and their House Holds.

St Francis health Care Services- Njeru in partnership with AVSI- SCORE program is implementing a project that is support vulnerable children and their households in Wakisi sub-county and Nyenga Sub county in Buikwe District. The project is reaching 440 vulnerable households with the main goal of decreasing the vulnerability of critically vulnerable children and their households.

And the project objectives are; To improve the socio-economic status of the VC household; To improve the food security and nutrition status of VC and their household members; To increase the availability of protection and legal services for vulnerable children and their household members; To increase the capacity of vulnerable women and children and their households to access; acquire or provide critical services.

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