We are committed to improving the lives of people infected with and affected by HIV.  HIV affects people of all age from infants to grandmothers and has an impact on every aspect of their lives including the social health and economic viability of a person as well as their physical health.  Furthermore, prevention and treatment are both important aspects to mitigating the impact of HIV.  Therefor we have a wide variety of programs that address many of the issues associated with HIV including health care, psyco-social support, and economic support and training for children and adults.

We offer services in three main areas:


  • Clinical Care and Home Based Care
  • Counseling and Education
  • Public Health and Outreach
  • Maternity Ward and PMTCT

Granny Support 

  • Grandmother’s support group
  • Cooperative demonstration farm
  • Village savings and loans association

Youth Programs 

  • School Fees
  • Youth Groups: Mulengera (Shadow Idol) and Young Positives
  • Rehabilitation Home – Omoana House
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