Why we need your help

Though St. Francis works very hard to receive grants and funding from major non-profit organizations, we still need your help.  Here a few reasons why:

  • Steady Funding – St. Francis has primarily been funded by grants, which constantly run out and need re-application.  The funding sources have dwindled over the years despite the fact that the consumers of our health services keep increasing year by year and we have many aspirations for additional services to provide. HIV is a life long condition and one cannot just reduce the amount of services because one has to live with it for the rest of their lives.
  • Medicine – ARVs are supplied through PEPFAR funding.  However, the medicines for management of other opportunistic infections, and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, are not funded by the program.
  • Staff Retention – The other most challenging issue is the retention staff that we have trained.  Most grants specifically prohibit us from paying staff salaries with the grant money.  By this logic we can have a beautiful clinic, well stocked with medications, but with no one to provide services!  Many trained staff leave for work at private for-profit clinics that can offer higher, more regular salaries.
  • Meeting Space – The Shadow Idol Club has grown to 400 youth, with at least 50-100 coming every Saturday and we don’t have shelter for them.  They meet outside in the courtyard and when it rains they are scattered around the clinic veranda.
  • Transportation – Fuel costs for transportation are continuously rising and the need to see patients out in the field due to sickness or lack of finances is still there.  We need to continue to be able to see all our patients, wherever they are.

What is your money worth?

Clinic Needs

  • 1 Course of malaria treatment –$5
  • 1000 tablets (1000 days) of opportunistic infection prophylaxis – $10
  • Reagents for 1 CD4 cell count test (monitors immune function) – $25
  • Fuel trip to a village/school for one day (education, community awareness) – $35
  • 1 month supply of HIV testing kits (400 kits) – $100
  • One staff member’s monthly salary – $350
  • Office Computer (for patient records management) – $700
  • Engine repairs/maintenance for “Ambulance” – $3,200

Youth/Child Needs

  • School uniform (made locally) for an orphan – $15
  • Sanitary pads for one year (so girls don’t have to miss classes) – $25
  • Food for one weekly Shadow Idol Club meeting– $40
  • Food for one day for the OMOANA child rehabilitation home – $65
  • Shelter for Shadow Idol Club meetings – $55,000
    • This will include a library, stage for performances, toilets and outside play ground

Family/Grannie Needs

  • Mosquito net (save a life of a child from Malaria) – $7
  • Feed a family of 7 for a whole week – $13
  • Provide high-yield crop seeds such as beans, maize, groundnuts, soya beans
    • For a single grandmother – $30
    • For a family – $65
  • Help re-build a granny’s ravaged home – $785

Our annual budget is USD $600,000 when we are operating at a minimum.
With fully fledged services, we could use over one million dollars annually.

No Donation is too small!

Donations are Tax Deductible

Nile AIDS Project is a registered non-profit in the US, and has received 501c3 tax-exempt status.  Donations to Nile AIDS Project are pooled and sent directly to St. Francis Health Care Services to meet their most pressing needs.



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